Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 13, 2016

You're annoying
Weight: 234.6

Down .8 from my big fat goose egg yesterday. I should be thinking  " that much closers to my goal" but I'm actually thinking "that is not enough. .. I am nerd going to make my goal with number like these". Yes, a lot of people can't lose this is a week, let alone a single day on diet and exercise. But this isn't just any old diet. This is a controveral diet that limits you to 500 calories a day!  I expect results not a zero.. especially when I'm so big for my height.  I am 5'2" and I'm STILL 100 lbs over weight according to the BMI chart that stares you in the face when you hobble into the doctors office,  telling you the you're still fat.... I'm in a sour mood today obviously, and I really shouldn't be a aloud to be around people today. Everyone is annoying and everything annoys me.

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