Saturday, January 16, 2016

January 16, 2016

Under The Weather
Weight: 231.6

Another .8 lbs down... hopefully I will see a 230 on the scale tomorrow! I'd love to start week 3 like that. I am not feeling good at all though. It has to be the stress of wedding planning, registries, working, starting my it works! business, and taking of my family. A lot of men just don't realize how many balls we as women have in the air at the same time... To ourselves we feel fragile  and helpless, like we could crack any second under the pressure. To our husbands, they think "she's got it. She always has it", and to our children? We're superheroes!  Goodnight Bloggers

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  1. I sure hope you reach your goal, or come really close to it. We just can't drop the ball with our name on it.